Why the Dominican Republic is a Safe, Stellar Wedding and Honeymoon Destination

The Dominican Republic's all-important tourism industry was hit hard by sensationalized media reports over the summer but the Caribbean hotspot has since been boosted by the outspoken travel agent community and a thriving destination wedding and honeymoon segment.

TravAlliancemedia senior editor Joe Pike recently sat down with Lucien Echavarria, Director at Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, to discuss the state of the destination and what sets it apart.

"We've been so lucky to have such great support from the community of travel agents because most of the agents know the destination and have experienced the destination," said Echavarria. "The Dominican Republic is the number one destination in the Caribbean within the United States."

Echavarria also detailed some of the reasons travelers can visit with confidence.

"The Dominican Republic is a very safe destination. There are some new measures we have taken. For example, a center has been created for emergencies with bilingual staff in Punta Cana," she added

As the mainstream media has mostly moved on, the destination is seeing bookings come back. However, amid the negative headlines and the Dominican Republic's ongoing recovery, the destination wedding and honeymoon segment has been going strong.

"For the Dominican Republic, this specific segment has been very, very good and the one that has increased the most because of all the great facilities we have," said Echavarria. "The Majestic Resorts properties are absolutely incredible for destination weddings but all of the major resorts are excellent."

You can watch the complete interview with Echavarria below: