New York Post Fails to Provide 'Inside' Information into Tourist Deaths, as Headline Claims

travFACTS’ mission is to expose exaggerated or flat out misleading travel “news” that is consistently put out by media outlets. It is bad enough that the June 24th New York Post article featuring the headline, “Inside the reports of deaths, sickness that have consumed Dominican Republic” provides no inside information as promised.

But the article loses all integrity by insinuating that there is a connection in more than 35 American deaths in the Dominican Republic since 2018 with zero proof.

travFACTS takes a look at this story below:

Media Outlet: The New York Post

Date: July 24th

Headline: Inside the reports of deaths, sickness that have consumed Dominican Republic

Deck: None

Where the Story Fails

The first line, reads, “There’s fear surrounding the Dominican Republic these days.”

And stories like this New York Post article are the reason why.

The report uses phrases like “disturbing reports” and “violent assaults” to create fear in the reader. Also, assaults? travFACTS only sees one singular assault that this story mentions.

According to the article, “At least 36 Americans have died on the island since January 2018 — and many more have been plagued by “nightmare” illnesses, The Post has found.”

Like other consumer outlets have done, the New York Post is lumping together all recent deaths in the Dominican Republic with nonfatal illnesses.

This article actually goes a step further, as other sensational news reports at least included only the 2019 deaths. This one has the nerve to go back about a year and half before the widespread panic even began.

Not only does it imply that the deaths since 2018 are connected, but it also goes one step further by implying that every single incident that has happened in the country recently is a reflection of the safety at the destination’s resorts.

The story’s subheads include, “Grisly assaults,” “Mysterious car wreck,” “Danger at sea,” and “Deadly cosmetic procedures.” Heck, the article even includes the shooting of Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz, which police officials ruled as a case of mistaken identity. Crimes outside of the resorts occur in many tourism destinations around the world.

And to make it even worse, it’s only after the article mentions all of these unrelated incidents that the author tells the reader, “Despite the seemingly endless drumbeat of disturbing stories coming from the Dominican Republic, officials there insist the documented deaths and injuries involve only a small fraction of the millions who visit each year.”

The Actual Facts

The U.S. State Department has continued to say that the deaths in the Dominican Republic, for the most part, do not appear to be unusual.

And while the attempt to connect 36 deaths since 2018 is ludicrous without explanation, it should be also be noted that the article never mentions that most incidents occurred at different hotels.

In fact, Americans are more likely to be killed in a homicide in the U.S. than die of unnatural causes in the Dominican Republic, according to U.S. State Department statistics reported by CNN.

“There are also many family-friendly all-inclusive resorts on the island that provide a great backdrop for safe and fun travel for guests of all ages,” said Megan Jones, a travel advisor with Epperly Travel in Atlanta. “My number one focus for my clients is safety, so developing a rapport of trust with my valued resort partners and clients is essential for not only good business but safe and happy client experiences.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) last advisory to travelers heading to the Dominican Republic warned of the risk of rabies from cat and dog bites. But neither the CDC or the FBI have issued warnings about a health hazard in hotel minibars, despite investigations dating back to May.

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